Rake Routes

by Stephen Ball


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Running bundle install on rails master Nov 30, 2019 rails “Ok! Let’s check out this Rails 6 goodness”, I thought. Clone rails/rails — easy Look around the latest commits — a great way to see what’s been Rails isn’t for beginners Apr 3, 2012 rails There’s been some talk online about how Rails is losing its focus on beginners or that it’s getting too complex for its own good. I have a different How to write (and test) a gem to serve static files on the Rails asset pipeline Mar 15, 2012 ruby & rails Today we write (and test!) a gem that simply adds new static assets to a Rails project. I puzzled out most of this while working on my Increase Rails Performance with Database Indexes Feb 16, 2012 rails Ever added a belongs_to or has_many to a model in Rails? Did you remember to add the database index? Find out why you should and how it’s done in