Rake Routes

by Stephen Ball


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Running bundle install on rails master Dec 1, 2019 rails “Ok! Let’s check out this Rails 6 goodness”, I thought. Clone rails/rails — easy Look around the latest commits — a great way to see what’s been Rails isn’t for beginners Apr 3, 2012 rails & editorial There’s been some talk online about how Rails is losing its focus on beginners or that it’s getting too complex for its own good. I have a different How to write (and test) a gem to serve static files on the Rails asset pipeline Mar 15, 2012 ruby & rails & programming Today we write (and test!) a gem that simply adds new static assets to a Rails project. I puzzled out most of this while working on my Increase Rails Performance with Database Indexes Feb 16, 2012 rails & programming & database Ever added a or to a model in Rails? Did you remember to add the database index? Find out why you should and how it’s done in this guest article