Rake Routes

by Stephen Ball


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A simple language spec isn’t a feature when you’re building applications Oct 11, 2020 programming Go famously gushes about its simple and readable language specification. One one hand kudos to Go for having a written specification and kudos for The Fastest Possible Tests Oct 3, 2020 programming I love tests as a fast programming feedback loop! In the last twenty or so years I’ve seen them go from an occasional critical verification to a Shrink your data into bitfields (and out again) Apr 29, 2020 programming Some applications want to save every byte. Every last byte! Maybe they have memory constraints, maybe they’re sending data over the network, maybe Every “if” statement is an object waiting to be extracted Feb 19, 2020 programming Consider the following Ruby code. So we’re modeling beverages. Great! Our class can accept a kind of beverage and then respond to some messages Choose Generic Tools Jan 3, 2020 programming Upstream your tooling instead of rolling your own. The more you push upstream to gems or Rails, the less logic you need in your application. Save Programming with jq Nov 7, 2019 command line & programming So jq is awesome. When you need to process JSON then jq is your factory line transforming the raw JSON ingredients into delicious ice cream Program Like a Videogamer Feb 6, 2013 programming I see a lot of you out there worried about the next step in your programming career. Or even worried about the next step when learning a new