Rake Routes

by Stephen Ball


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Clojure Functions in Four Ways Jan 31, 2021 clojure & programming Perl may have coined TMTOWTDI (there’s more than one way to do it) but Clojure takes that idea and runs very far with it. Today I’d like to quickly See Some Clojure Jan 19, 2021 clojure & programming Have you seen any Clojure code? Yes? You’ll almost certainly not see anything new or interesting here. No? Let’s change that! I’m certainly not an A simple language spec isn’t a feature when you’re building applications Oct 11, 2020 programming & editorial & go Go famously gushes about its simple and readable language specification. One one hand kudos to Go for having a written specification and kudos for The Fastest Possible Tests Oct 3, 2020 programming & analysis I love tests as a fast programming feedback loop! In the last twenty or so years I’ve seen them go from an occasional critical verification to a Shrink your data into bitfields (and out again) Apr 29, 2020 programming Some applications want to save every byte. Every last byte! Maybe they have memory constraints, maybe they’re sending data over the network, maybe Every “if” statement is an object waiting to be extracted Feb 19, 2020 programming Consider the following Ruby code. So we’re modeling beverages. Great! Our class can accept a kind of beverage and then respond to some messages Choose Generic Tools Jan 3, 2020 programming Upstream your tooling instead of rolling your own. The more you push upstream to gems or Rails, the less logic you need in your application. Save Programming with jq Nov 7, 2019 command line & programming So jq is awesome. When you need to process JSON then jq is your factory line transforming the raw JSON ingredients into delicious ice cream Add vim to a pipeline with vipe Jan 18, 2019 shell & programming & tools Have you ever wanted to stop and edit text in the middle of a pipeline? With you can! Take the output of as an example. What we if want to call Connecting Objects with Observable Dec 5, 2018 ruby & programming Today let’s dive a bit into the Observable module from Ruby’s standard library. Let’s say we’re launching a rocket. Fortunately we have a very high Let’s write a shell script Sep 6, 2016 shell & programming Now that you have a $PATH let’s start using it! Today we’ll write a simple shell script in your personal directory. Let’s start by picking the What’s a $PATH anyway? Aug 30, 2016 shell & programming You’ve probably seen or just before as the place you need to add new commands for your prompt. What is that? Where is it? How does it work? is a Deliberate Git Jun 19, 2013 programming & git & editorial Hello Internet! Here’s my talk “Deliberate Git” in blog post form. There’s also video of my presentation of Deliberate Git at Steel City Ruby 2013. Program Like a Videogamer Feb 6, 2013 programming & editorial I see a lot of you out there worried about the next step in your programming career. Or even worried about the next step when learning a new Gem Spotlight: interactive_editor Jan 4, 2013 ruby & programming & gem spotlight Today we’ll take a quick look at one of my favorite gems: interactive_editor. Have you ever been in a REPL session (rails console, irb, pry, etc.) How to use bundler instead of rvm gemsets Mar 20, 2012 ruby & programming Listening to the latest Ruby Rogues I was intrigued to hear André Arko describe how using bundler can completely obviate using rvm gemsets. He said How to write (and test) a gem to serve static files on the Rails asset pipeline Mar 15, 2012 ruby & rails & programming Today we write (and test!) a gem that simply adds new static assets to a Rails project. I puzzled out most of this while working on my A Taste of Metaprogramming Mar 1, 2012 ruby & programming Today we take a small taste from the wide ranging metaprogramming abilities that Ruby gives us. We’ll be looking at and to take a class of Fun with Rock, Paper, Scissors Feb 28, 2012 ruby & programming & metaprogramming James Edward Gray II’s Ruby Quiz #16 was to implement Rock, Paper, Scissors playing classes to compete on a playing field managed by a given Game Let’s Write a Gem: Part 2 Feb 23, 2012 ruby & programming Continued from Let’s Write a Gem, Part 1 In this post we’ll finish our tutorial gem. Along the way I’ll point out some confusing pitfalls you can Let’s Write a Gem: Part 1 Feb 21, 2012 ruby & programming Gems. Gotta love em. If you’re a Ruby developer then you already know that gems are simply fundamental to Ruby programming. Let’s write one. Right Increase Rails Performance with Database Indexes Feb 16, 2012 rails & programming & database Ever added a or to a model in Rails? Did you remember to add the database index? Find out why you should and how it’s done in this guest article Parsing Dates and Times from Strings using strptime Feb 10, 2012 ruby & programming & data Howdy y’all. As much as we’d prefer to just deal with nicely formatted data; the real world sometimes requires that we parse weird datetime strings Anonymous blocks as function arguments in Ruby Feb 9, 2012 ruby & programming A quick tidbit that comes in handy when you want to write some idiomatic Ruby: how to write methods that accept optional blocks of code to execute.