Rake Routes

by Stephen Ball

command line

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swapcase with the tr command Apr 1, 2022 command line Want to easily swap the case of some string on the *nix command line? The tr command can do that! You may already know the tr command can switch From awk to a Dockerized Ruby Script Aug 8, 2021 command line & ruby & docker For a programming project I wanted to easily get a list of the printable ASCII characters such that I could easily loop through them and do some Finding leap years with the cal command Jul 11, 2021 command line Did you know that there’s a calendar in the macOS and Linux command line? There is! A quick check of tldr shows how useful this utility can be But Use tldr for command line examples Nov 19, 2019 command line If you use the command line you’ve probably already seen manual pages, accessed via the man command. man pages are great when you need a full Programming with jq Nov 6, 2019 command line & jq So jq is awesome. When you need to process JSON then jq is your factory line transforming the raw JSON ingredients into delicious ice cream Command line tools - jq Nov 5, 2019 command line & jq Need to parse some JSON data? Of course you do! JSON is practically the lifeblood of API calls these days. GitHub Google Cloud Storage Lots of Add vim to a pipeline with vipe Jan 18, 2019 command line Have you ever wanted to stop and edit text in the middle of a pipeline? With vipe you can! Take the output of brew search as an example. What we if Let’s write a shell script Sep 6, 2016 command line Now that you have a $PATH let’s start using it! Today we’ll write a simple shell script in your personal bin directory. Let’s start by picking the What’s a $PATH anyway? Aug 30, 2016 command line You’ve probably seen $PATH or just PATH before as the place you need to add new commands for your prompt. What is that? Where is it? How does it