Rake Routes

by Stephen Ball

Friday Lunch Links — #1

Hello! Here’s a collection of interesting links I’ve found in the last week. Enjoy!

The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice by Gerard E. Dallal, Ph.D — Want to learn some Statistics?

Text Rendering Hates You by Alexis Beingessner — Highlights include you cannot correctly draw text character-by-character”, emoji broke color and style”, and anti-aliasing is hell”

Text Editing Hates You Too by Robert Lord — If you’ve ever dealt with rich text editing you know.

An intern’s experience with Rust by Alexander Clarke — An intern at the Microsoft Security Response Center talks about learning Rust with some C++ background.

https://hellveticafont.com/ — Kern in hell.

Rising Seas Will Erase More Cities by 2050, New Research Shows — Yikes.

An Illustrated Guide to Some Useful Command Line Tools by Wesley Moore — This is a fantastic collection of mostly non-POSIX tools including some I hadn’t even heard about yet.

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