Rake Routes

by Stephen Ball

Where did the recent Elixir posts go?

Hey, you might say, where are all of your recent Elixir posts?

Well I’ll tell ya. I started this blog back in 2012 when I was a fulltime Rails dev. The name Rake Routes” is from the command rake routes which was how you asked Rails to print out a list of all of its configured routes back before the rails command came into vogue.

The fact that the name Rake Routes” comes from Rails made absolute sense back when I was fulltime Rails/Ruby programmer. It’s been more and more cognitively dissonant since I stopped being a fulltime Rails dev in 2015 when I joined Spreedly and worked on Rails and Elixir. It’s been even more cognitively dissonant since I joined Tanium in 2017 and haven’t professionally worked on a Rails app since.

True, the name’s origin doesn’t really matter but it mattered enough to continually bug me. As I’ve restarted my blogging to share some of my Elixir knowledge and talk about the awesome new world of Livebook I felt more and more that I wanted a new blog. And now I’m finally doing the things!

My new blog is Strange Leaflet which is a fun nod to my continuing love of text adventure games and generic enough to blog about whatever. Hooray! Although I’m sure I can come up with whole new reasons to procrastinate on blogging.

I’ve setup redirect rules for all of the moved posts so hopefully no one runs into any issues.

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