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New Post Coming Soon

less than 1 minute read

Sorry that Rake Routes has been silent these past weeks. All at once I’ve been busy with a couple of other projects:

Rails isn’t for beginners

3 minute read

There’s been some talk online about how Rails is losing its focus on beginners or that it’s getting too complex for its own good. I have a different take: Ra...

Solve online Ruby puzzles with Rubeque

less than 1 minute read

Ruby programmers no longer need to be envious of CodingBat providing quick, fun, online programming puzzles for Python and Java programmers! The SciMed guys ...

How to use bundler instead of rvm gemsets

6 minute read

Listening to the latest Ruby Rogues I was intrigued to hear André Arko describe how using bundler can completely obviate using rvm gemsets. He said that proj...