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Deliberate Git

14 minute read

Hello Internet! Here’s my talk “Deliberate Git” in blog post form.

Customize Your IRB

4 minute read

You probably spend a lot of time in IRB (or the Rails console) but have you taken the time to customize it? Today we’ll take a look at the things I’ve added ...

Program Like a Videogamer

5 minute read

I see a lot of you out there worried about the next step in your programming career. Or even worried about the next step when learning a new framework or lan...

Gem Spotlight: Interactive_editor

3 minute read

Today we’ll take a quick look at one of my favorite gems: interactive_editor. Have you ever been in a REPL session (rails console, irb, pry, etc.) and wished...

Subscribing to RubyTapas Using Downcast

1 minute read

Avdi’s Ruby Tapas are a fantastic resource for learning pieces of Ruby. Now that he and DPD have enabled iTunes-compatible RSS feeds of the videos it’s easie...

Things Most Interviewees Fail to Discover

2 minute read

It’s a great time to be a Rails developer. Companies left and right are turning to Rails or using it already for efficient web development. If you know Rails...

10 Things I Love About Git

7 minute read

Not everyone loves git. It’s true! But I do, and here are some reasons why.