Solve online Ruby puzzles with Rubeque

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Ruby programmers no longer need to be envious of CodingBat providing quick, fun, online programming puzzles for Python and Java programmers! The SciMed guys have launched a great Ruby puzzle website called Rubeque.

The puzzles are currently skewed toward easy, but you can submit your own puzzles for inclusion (awesome) so I expect harder puzzles will start popping up as the site grows. There’s still plenty to do now with 91 puzzles to solve.

They start off nicely with The Truth

assert_equal true, __

Which of course can be solved with:

# or !false
# or !!0
# or
# etc.

The puzzles are all online, the site is gorgeous, and you can sign-in with your github account. Complete win. After you’ve put in a successful puzzle entry you get to see other solutions that people have come up with; I’ve already learned some interesting techniques like passing an initial argument to inject

[].inject(0, :+)
# >> 0
[1].inject(0, :+)
# >> 1

There even already a couple of interesting meta-programming puzzles:

So get on there and have fun!

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