Slides from Abstractions are now online

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Hello again! The slides from the talk I gave at Abstractions are now online! I’ve posted them up on Speaker Deck: Power Up Your Prompt!. I hope you find them useful!

But that’s not all! Since you’re wonderful blog readers here’s all the tools I mentioned in the talk with handy dandy links:

  • JQ (parse JSON)
    • brew install jq
  • zsh-autosuggestions
    • brew install zsh-autosuggestions
  • vitetris
    • brew install vitetris
  • fasd
    • brew install fasd
  • no more secrets
    • brew install no-more-secrets
  • log-ninja
    • Clone the repo and copy the scripts to your PATH. (Confused? A blog post is coming!)
  • csvfix
    • brew install csvfix
  • imgcat
    • Another install where you’ll need to put the script in your PATH directly.

That’s it! See y’all online.

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