RVM workflow for a new Rails app

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You want to start a new Rails app. But you also want to start a new RVM gemset for the app so you can start with the latest Rails and gems. In this code snippet I show how I start off an up-to-date Rails project in a clean gemset.

Creating a new Rails app

# create and use the new RVM gemset
$ rvm use --create [email protected]_rails_project

# install rails into the blank gemset
$ gem install rails

# generate the new rails project
$ rails new awesome_rails_project

# go into the new project directory and create an .rvmrc for the gemset
$ cd awesome_rails_project
$ rvm --rvmrc [email protected]_rails_project

# verify the rvmrc
$ cd ..; cd -

There you go. A blank slate gemset and the latest Rails, just waiting for you to code in some awesome.

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