Add Clicky Web Analytics to Octopress

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Octopress is fantastic out of the box. But everyone knows we programmers are always wanting more. Luckily, the fantasticalness of Octopress includes easy addition of custom code. Here’s how to add Clicky Web Analytics tracking.

If you have websites. If you care about web analytics. If you haven’t already. You need to check out Clicky Web Analytics.

Octopress supports Google Analytics with just a tracking id in the configuration files. We could add in another site variable and some clicky analytics code using that variable or we could abstract things out into an even more generic analytics include file. Neat idea, but generic analytics in Octopress have already been addressed. The answer was, pragmatically, to add an even more generic custom footer area.

Let’s edit that area.

In your favorite text editor, open up /source/_includes/custom/after_footer.html in your octopress repo.

Bam! Add whatever wacky code you want to add here. Clicky, woopra, Piwik…whatever.

Just copy your clicky tracking code and paste it in here. Now the next time you do the ol’ generate and deploy you’ll be getting all those awesome clicky web analytics.

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