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Let’s Use Hwacha to Scan URLs

2 minute read

I’ve written a gem, Hwacha, as a wrapper around Typhoeus to allow for quick and easy response checking for multiple URLs. Let’s go through some simple use ca...

Deliberate Git

14 minute read

Hello Internet! Here’s my talk “Deliberate Git” in blog post form.

Customize Your IRB

4 minute read

You probably spend a lot of time in IRB (or the Rails console) but have you taken the time to customize it? Today we’ll take a look at the things I’ve added ...

Program Like a Videogamer

5 minute read

I see a lot of you out there worried about the next step in your programming career. Or even worried about the next step when learning a new framework or lan...

Gem Spotlight: Interactive_editor

3 minute read

Today we’ll take a quick look at one of my favorite gems: interactive_editor. Have you ever been in a REPL session (rails console, irb, pry, etc.) and wished...

Subscribing to RubyTapas Using Downcast

1 minute read

Avdi’s Ruby Tapas are a fantastic resource for learning pieces of Ruby. Now that he and DPD have enabled iTunes-compatible RSS feeds of the videos it’s easie...

Things Most Interviewees Fail to Discover

2 minute read

It’s a great time to be a Rails developer. Companies left and right are turning to Rails or using it already for efficient web development. If you know Rails...