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exa: a modern replacement for ls

less than 1 minute read

Are you still using ls to view your files and directories? So was I! Until yesterday when I learned about a wonderful new command line tool, exa.

Let’s write a shell script

5 minute read

Now that you have a $PATH let’s start using it! Today we’ll write a simple shell script in your personal bin directory.

What’s a $PATH anyway?

2 minute read

You’ve seen me mention the $PATH or just PATH before as the place you need to add new commands for your prompt. What is that? Where is it? How does it work?

Slides from Abstractions are now online

less than 1 minute read

Hello again! The slides from the talk I gave at Abstractions are now online! I’ve posted them up on Speaker Deck: Power Up Your Prompt!. I hope you find them...

Let’s Use Hwacha to Scan URLs

2 minute read

I’ve written a gem, Hwacha, as a wrapper around Typhoeus to allow for quick and easy response checking for multiple URLs. Let’s go through some simple use ca...